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This is true for too many species.

We hear about extinction every day in the news and many promises about conservation are made – is it hopeless to try to save endangered species? No, it is not, everybody can help in some way!

What can be done? We can support the people who are out in the field trying to protect threatened habitats and endangered species.

All over the world scientists and veterinarians (biologists are scientists) spend time in remote areas under unbelievable conditions to observe animals in their natural environment, safeguard their future and, if necessary, to give medical support.

Our aim is to bring together these individuals and our modern society, which cares a great deal about animal welfare and conservation but has neither the time nor the opportunity to learn more about these projects or to support them.
In cooperation with well-known international scientists and experts, who are willing to serve as a scientific committee, projects from all over the world will be selected. Wish-lists, supplied by the staff members of the projects, will be supported.

The selected projects will be promoted by talks, events, exhibits and auctions. Everyone will have the opportunity to support a project directly.

"The world is as delicate and as
complicated as a spider's web. If you touch
one thread you send shudders running
through all the other threads. We are not
just touching the web, we are tearing great
holes in it."
        Gerald Durrell