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Ambassadors of the Mountain Gorillas

Dear Friends of Rwanda,
As Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda I am proud of the homepage “Endangered” and the site “The Ambassadors of the Mountain Gorillas”. A homepage dedicated to the special inhabitants of Rwanda – the mountain gorillas. I also like the idea of naming all Rwanda-Friends individually. This implies: we love Rwanda and everyone should be aware of this! I am not only very proud of this, but also very, very grateful. My special thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Hochleithner. They have dedicated themselves tirelessly to the mountain gorillas and my country. Thanks to their aid the mountain gorillas may be saved from extinction!

While their population has recovered slightly, the remaining 650 gorillas are still named at the top of list of threatened animal species. Therefore, these highly sensitive creatures need our special attention and intensive protection. In the past few years, a strong awareness for the mountain gorillas has developed in Rwanda. The Rwandan government has implemented numerous protective measures: national parks have been set up, gamekeepers are educated, and actions are taken against poachers. Many campaigns for the gorillas are enforced. In this manner, the Rwanda National Bureau for Tourism (ORTPN), under the patronage of President Paul Kagame and his wife, baptized 30 baby gorillas in an official ceremony in the province Ruhengeri on June 25th, 2005.

Nevertheless, dear Friends of Rwanda, your help is greatly appreciated. It is important that people, no matter if they are young or old, black or white, rich or poor, unite for a common cause and overcome all intercultural barriers. With a strong will, courage and heart, great things can be achieved. The Hochleithner couple has demonstrated this impressively again and again.

I encourage you to visit our country in the heart of Africa. A country that many people have come to love and which will certainly touch your heart as well. Experience a piece of beauty in this world for which commitment is worthwhile. Thank you very much!

His Excellency Eugen Gasana
Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda
Jägerstraße 67-69
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 20 91 65 913
Fax: +49 (0)30 20 91 65 959

The Ambassodors of the Mountain Gorillas - February 2007-04-05
Nelly Baumann
Manfred Baumann
Dr. Berthold Breitwieser, Wels, Austria
Martin Breitwieser, Wels, Austria
Dr. Heidemarie Coret, Vienna, Austria
Ingrid Egger, Vienna, Austria
Andy Lee Lang
Dr. Otto Fischer
Dr. Claudia Fürst
Dr. Sigfried Fürst
Gerda Gassner
Werner Gassner
Barbara Geier
Hannelore Geier, Vienna, Austria
Walter Gottfried, Vienna Austria
Susanne Gottfrieds, Vienna Austria
Maria Hagen
Herbert Hagen
Brigitte Kaar, Linz, Austria
Sibylle Kerschberger, Wels, Austria
Hermann Pöchmüller, Wels, Austria
Dr. Dagmar Schratter, Vienna, Austria
Mag. Silvia Schwarz, Hollabrunn Austria
Dr. Günther Schwarz, Hollabrunn, Austria
DI Wolfram Stockinger
Christine Vavra, Vienna, Austria
Dr. Nobert Vavra
, Vienna, Austria
Prim. Dr. Norbert Vetter
, Vienna, Austria
Irene Walgram, Vienna, Austria
Edith Walgram, Vienna, Austria
Dr. Michael Walgram, Vienna, Austria
Gabriele Wanieck, Vienna, Austria
Hubert Wanieck, Vienna, Austria