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Since 2008 Endangered is solely responsible for the life of the children (48 children as of January, 2009) living at the Mountain Gorilla Education Center! The church as well as the government has turned the full responsibility for these children over to Endangered.
To finance the Mountain Gorilla Education Center as this orphanage is now called, we rely greatly on your donations.
All orphans cared for by Endangered should get the chance to receive an education within their capabilities. Starting in January 2009, 2 of our older girls will attend classes at a university.
When we asked the children what their favorite subject in school was, they answered unanimously: English – so they could converse with us.
For this reason, an English teacher has been hired alongside the staff providing a stable “family life” to teach the children and the adults in the education program.

The Endangered Association is responsible not only for tuition, but also for the daily upkeep of the children, which is why we are asking for support through sponsorships. This does not involve any commitments for the sponsors, as we are not planning on sending any of the Rwandan children to Europe or any other country.

Our goal is to give these children the same chance that we received through our own parents, namely a home and an education, which will turn them into responsible Rwandans. We would also like to teach them – if they want – about wildlife conservation and environment protection, so that they will share this knowledge with their classmates and friends.

The successful first steps were realized in 2008 by a visit of the children to the mountain gorillas and other national parks in Rwanda.
The costs for a 1 year sponsorship of a child is 300€, whether the child visits a school or university. With this money, Endangered can cover about 2/3 of the costs for the care, tuition, and meals.
The remaining costs should be covered by donations or events such as the “Night of the Gorillas.
Of course we welcome any financial support, which will be used 100% for the project according to our Association guidelines.

Our Bank Account

3 of the 4 children sponsored in 2006

Several children of Rwaza